Mathematical Skills

In Short

Advance statistical and programming skills in R and Python programming languages

Advance skills on algebraic, trigonometric, geometry and pre-calculus applications

Advance skills on algorithm development for finding solutions by writing codes in Python, R and Java programming languages

Strong command of both mathematics and programming languages to support teaching and research in school, college and university freshman.

Strong command of ecology and its sub disciplines of wildlife science, conservation biology, human ecology and applied ecology to support teaching and research in school, colleges and university freshman.

Little Detail

Ashraf believes wildlife science and its sub disciplines are deeply grounded to the solid science of mathematics and computer algorithm. In the 21st century, it is virtually impossible to predict ecological parameters be it population dynamics of endangered carnivores or meta-population structure of Elephant in fragmented tropical landscapes without utilizing the tools of mathematical modeling and computer programs. In this remit, Ash feels it is imperative to pose distinctive mathematical and computational algorithm skills that he has successfully acquired through his professional and academic endeavors. Ash is fluent in the following courses and have necessary academic skills and potential to teach these courses in the university undergraduate freshmen and sophomore years in the South Asia and North American university curriculum settings:

Mathematics & Suggested Books

Introduction to College Algebra, Judith Beecher & et al, Indiana University, Purdue University, USA, Algebra & Trigonometry, 4th Edition

College Trigonometry, Ron Larson & David Falvo, The Pennsylvania State University, USA, Trigonometry, 8th Edition

Introduction to Linear Algebra, Jim DeFranza & et al, St. Lawrence University, USA, Introduction to Linear Algebra with Applications

Analytical & Solid Geometry, Steve Slavin & Ginny Crisonino, John Wiley & Sons Inc. USA, Geometry: A Self teaching Guide

Pre-Calculus, James Stewart and et al. McMaster University, Canada, Precalculus-Mathematics for Calculus, 5th Edition

Introduction to Calculus, Marvin Bittinger and et al. Indiana University, USA, Calculus and Its Applications, 10th Edition

Introduction to Statistics, Jessica Utts and Robert Heckard, University of California, Davis, USA, Mind on Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, Daniel Timmons and et al. Alamance Community College, USA, Fundamentals of Algebraic Modeling, 5th Edition


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