Mohammed Ashraf

Wildlife Ecologists & Founder of Species Ecology

Email: ashraf dot ecology at gmail dot com

Folks can also contact me in following ways depending on the nature of your inquiries:

If you would like to know more about how to join Species Ecology please write to our list server e-mail address at ecosyslistserver at gmail dot com

If you would like to send articles or blogs to be published in Species Ecology you can write either to my e-mail address above or you could drop it to individual chapter coordinator at our list server address : ecosyslistserver at gmail dot com

If you have any specific project in mind that you wish to associate with Species Ecology or if you are representing organization that you like to collaborate with Species Ecology, you can send your e-mail to either the list server address or e-mail to ashraf dot ecology at gmail dot com

Should you wish to directly text chat with any of our volunteers or web administrators or to involve in friendly text chat over a coffee with members of Species Ecology, you can reach us via freenode IRC server. Species Ecology serves an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel called #Ecoblogs.

To access the freenode IRC servers, you’ll first need an IRC client (software package). Text clients include IRSSI, WeeChat, and ERC. Graphical clients include XChat, Smuxi, and Quassel for Unix and GNU/Linux, and mIRC for Windows. Packages for various IRC clients may be included on your operating system and links to web sites for the client software can be found by clicking this hotspot link Once you have a client, you’ll need a server. You can simply use to reach main rotation servers of the freenode.

Once you are connected join our channel by writing the following command in your client’s text box /j #Ecoblogs Please note, to connect via IRC, you will need high speed fiber optic cable broadband or good DSL (digital subscriber line) based modem. Your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) can provide more details on how to connect IRC server.


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