Computational Skills

Operating Platforms

GNU Linux, Oracle UNIX, BSD-UNIX, Windows

Operating Systems

Debian Linux, Open Mandriva, Linux Mint, PC Linux, FreeBSD, Oracle Solaris, Ubuntu & Windows


Command Line Inter-phase (CLI) : Linux/UNIX/BSD Shells & MSDOS in Windows

Graphical User Inter-phase (GUI) : KDE, Unity, GNOME, XFCE in Linux and Windows

Server Administration

Apache Server and MySQL under Debian based Linux distributions

Mathematical Programming (Debian, Ubuntu, Rasp Pi & Solaris)

Python (Version 2.7-3.6) based MATLAB style programming

R (All Versions) based statistical, algebraic and computational programming

Java (Version 8.1+) based numerical programming including root findings

Mathematical Typesetting Mark Up Languages

LaTeX hence TeX by American Mathematical Society

LyX for mathematical publications

Mathematical Software

KmPlot, GeoGebra, R Commander, QtiPlot, SciLab, SiDavis, GNUPlot, Euler, Maxima, Kalgebra

Integrated Development Environment (IDLE)

Ipython, IDLE, Rkward, R Studio, Spyder, Ecilipse and Geany

Mathematical Packages Under Windows Platform

SPSS, JMP, Minitab for Statistical Computation and Modeling, MATLAB, Mathematica, and Maplin for Calculus, Algebraic and Trigonometric Functions and Modeling

Webpage Design, Development & Implementation

Strong command and full proficiency on developing professional websites in Word Press

System Development & Installations

Hard drive partition management, swap, root and home partition management under extension 3-4 file journaling systems in Linux, NTFS and File Allocation Table (FAT) in Windows, UnetBootin and Linux, UNIX, BSD and Windows installation from the scratch including Grand Unified Bootloading (GRUB) for dual and multi-boot for both Windows and Linux distributions.

Hardware Configuration & Management

Upgrading and installing Random Access Memory (RAM)

Hard drive upgrading, replacement and installation

Central Processing Unit (CPU) upgrading, replacement and installations

Motherboard replacement

General Purpose Office Suits/Packages

Libre Office, Open Office and Microsoft Office


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