Academic Interests

My academic interests broadly focused on three distinct but strongly related areas of applied science. These are 1. Ecology and Wildlife Science 2. Mathematics and 3. Computer Programming. In these three areas, I am particularly focused on understanding the distribution patterns of endangered vertebrates, their ecological density and abundance and other demographic parameters which comprise critically important data set for devising sound conservation management plan with highest statistical rigor. Therefore, I utilize sets of mathematical and computational programming tools to understand species distribution parameters both in spatial and temporal scales. These are some of the basic ecological questions that my academic works attempt to answer:

1. What is the population size of any particular species and how is this species distributed in its habitat?

2. Where is their distribution increasing, decreasing and steady and what are the underlying mechanisms that drive their distribution pattern across the landscape?

3. What is this species survival and recruitment rates, its fecundity and mortality rates and how is the population doing (increasing or declining) over time and space?


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